About us

Our school serves as 2 branches within the site in Istanbul Kurtköy Pendik Yenişehir. 1. Our Branch 0-3 age building, 2. Our branch office 3 -6 Age building and 7-11 age children are given a study service. Our buildings are located in the same site.

The garden with an outdoor area of 1000m2 closed 2000 m2 is trained in 2 villas with a guarded four-storey garden, with its own children's playground and playground, surrounded by fruit trees and with an organic farming area. Our school is based on the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Family and Social policies and provides uninterrupted training for 12 months.

-Full day, half day, game group, mother-of-the-game group in our school, serves as daily hourly maintenance.
-Our school is open every weekday between 07:30-19:00 hours. Our shuttle service starts at 7 a.m.

We are implementing the child centered education program that supports the development of intelligence, language and social emotional development. With the development tests, we follow the bride of our children with a special program that can determine the status of the child and support their individual development. In our school, we encourage our children to follow the development and realize their potential by our child development specialists and psychologist. These assessments are shared with our parents as meeting parent interviews and Development report.



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