Environmental consciousness









While preparing all the educational programs of our school, our aim is to be a creative, productive, research, internal disciplined, personality, free, who knows the value of the environment, the nature, the awareness of our children, is modern, contemporary and scientific. Self-expression is to support, to contribute to the growing of unrestrained, achievement and happiness as honorable individuals living together.

– Cultural events

Wherever there is democracy, there is respect for different thoughts. A variety of selection activities are being made to give the importance of democracy to our students at a young age, to see that they have different ideas and to respect the differences.
In our students with democracy activities, the importance of choosing and selecting and voting culture, addressing their own problems in their own perspectives, vaccinating the understanding of participation and tolerance, respect for differences Emphasis on democracy consciousness and culture is aimed to establish a program in which our cultural values are taught.

With an effective learning system that accepts the basis of learning by doing



Who can decide on their own,

Well trained,

Responding to the expectations of our parents,

Walking towards the Light tomorrows

Cultivate bright, productive and happy individuals…

Environmental principles 

* The child must be environmentally conscious and respectful. She should see her responsible for the environment and nature she lives in.

* Children should recognize nature, crops, vegetables and fruits. He must know and accept that the animals are friends.

* In conjunction with the cleanliness of the environment should know the importance and value of its cleanliness.

* Should be accustomed to using natural cleaning and care products instead of chemicals.

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