Our classrooms use the Canadian-branded Kidsburg furniture. It is very important for hygiene as the materials produced by furniture are very easy to clean. Our school and all toys are cleaned with steam machine and anway products are available for cleaning.

All kinds of educational materials, game tools, kitchen utensils, tables and chairs used for children in our institution are carefully selected products for children with their health, safety and comfort.

The educational materials and toys used in our classrooms are the materials that conform to CE norms which have been approved by the World Toy Association.

Hygiene Principles

* The child should learn how to behave indoors and outdoors, to maintain cleanliness, to be actively involved in the concept of cleansing.

* Children's self-care behaviors should be applied by confidence. Cleaning practices should be habitual, with no critical incentive behavior.

* To adopt the right and wrong concepts of the child with experimental behaviors, "bad" protection should be ensured.

* Staff should be able to sample the child with the understanding of cleanliness.

* To understand the natural phenomena of understanding nature behavior and nature of the child should be transferred information within nature.

Our school is protected against epidemics with NANO-teklonology:((NAN0 Clearag is made by the company every 3 months.)

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