Nutritional twins











Afternoon Breakfast

Fruit and soup Clocks

1-nutrition is not to saturate the abdomen. The right time is healthy eating and drinking.

2 – All purchased products are checked for ' genetically modified '.

3. If it is not organic in the nutrition of children, it is essential to use good agricultural products.

4. In the preparation of our menus, vegetables and fruits of the season are stored in a certain, healthy way (canned, frozen or dried products are used.

5. We care that our children's relationships with salt and sugar do not become habitual. Salt and sugar are not included in our tables. Salt and sugar used during the preparation of meals are chosen from those with unrefined quality.

6. The beverages of our children are made of homemade ayran, compote, fruit juice, fruit tea instead of industrial, carbonated and sugary ones.

7. Our meals are not used in oil except extra virgin olive oil and butter.

8. The jellies used in the kitchen of our school, breakfast and sweets used in desserts, jam marmalade, molasses etc. products are homemade.

9. Our children's cookies, cakes, pies, doughnuts, such as snacks, ready-made products are not used, are prepared by US daily.

10. Our biggest goal is to have our children's Healthy nutrition consciousness. Therefore, our fun activities consisting of culinary activity (cookies, salads, bread, pasta making etc.) Will be included in our programmes throughout the year.

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