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February Bear Guide

Power who has

It's pointless to enter a power war with our child will be a harmful trial. The most Beautiful In response to your patience and tolerance. He was just a kid, angry Keep in mind that your attitude will cause a lot of negative things. When the calm approaches You must get rid of the constant idea that nothing will change. I Be sure to understand.

These periods are not a power war. You must not think that there must be a winner and a loser. Each It's in your hands to make it win on either side. In fact, your only goal Not only to show who is strong who is powerless, but at that moment our child Clearly expressed why he could not do what he wanted. Should. In the meantime, you must remember to mention that you are sorry . It will comfort him to know that you share your emotions. So in front of him You won't be the one who keeps obstructions.

When it is crucial to be decisive, no Never say yes to something you call it. Your child pushing the boundaries. will continue to be stubborn. One time you use the word Yes will be used continuously against you. The mother who speaks the same language and Father will give the child the message of how determined they are. otherwise The child will go to his job and blame the other side.

It is necessary to understand your emotions After making explanations and making you feel determined. Gotta Give. Because despite all your determination, you still have a few countertrials Will attempt to do so. After a while, your unresponsive stay in the process of stubveness will give up and give up. Your child's stubbutions become continuous If he came to another point Should try. You should keep trying until your child is calm. Him This process will be more relaxed. can provide. The choice between options As an individual, and thinking that his choice was prioritized. will stop being stubborn. At the same time, the reasonable options You will feel comfortable as you prefer one.

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