Principles of Education

* Each child is valued and special to us as well as for the family. Education must comply with the child's requirements and individual differences. * Training is not contestant, it is planned and applied in solidarity manner. The child's friends are not allowed to become rivals. * Education will not be disconnected from life children should learn by trying, living and doing. * The goal of education is to develop and transform the concepts of love, respect, cooperation, responsibility, imagination, assistance, solidarity and sharing. * The most fundamental right of every child is to be happy. The most appropriate learning method is the game. * The foundation of every thought should be discarded as a child. Our children should be raised as individuals who can take their own decisions and have freedom of choice. * The basis of learning is language. The child first learns to use the mother tongue correctly and beautifully. * Children develop with unlimited imagination and ability to encourage them to improve their imagination and creativity. * Children should enjoy the training process we apply appropriate training methods to enjoy them. * We do not associate the successful or unsuccessful separation with the child. We APPLM each child to overcome himself. /cws-widget]
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